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Asset management

Our asset management services are fully comprehensive and are founded on the principles of independence, compliance and performance so that our clients are fully supported.

Property sales
We offer an independent asset management service for property sales disposal, selecting local expert estate agents on their current performance and results. Our focus on consistent, performance managed services with closely controlled compliance of SLAs provides lenders with the assurance of best practice.
We document the valuation in a detailed, clear and concise report written by trained valuation experts. This provides you with the evidence and support you require to be compliant with the Financial Services Authority's (FSA's) regulations and demonstrate TCF.
To secure an accurate valuation, we ask at least two accredited, independent agents to value the property. If a property is introduced to the market at the right price, there’s a much better chance of driving best price for both you and your clients.
Our proven multi-agency marketing option drives higher sales values, faster timescales and reduces aged stock positions, supported by comprehensive audit based online systems for total transparency and assurance. We will also ensure your property is listed as a public notice so it’s marketed up until the exchange of contracts making sure you achieve best price.
LPA receivership
We can provide enhanced control of key milestones supported by bespoke LPA software and in house receivers. We offer tailored LPA solutions to align individual lenders’ strategic needs from entry level low cost receivership models to full comprehensive management.
Our unrivalled levels of knowledge both in mortgage lending and receivership give you detailed and accurate strategies.
Eviction maintenance
We are recognised by lenders and asset managers as compliant, process driven and proactive in the management of eviction and repossession maintenance, with an all trades panel for complete property improvement management.
Our robust supplier management systems ensure effective management around the eviction process leading to the mitigation of wrongful possession and correct assessment of works, minimising the associated costs.
To make life easier for you to manage your maintenance requirements, we supply high levels of third party supplier control within the contracting industry. This means that you can be sure that your costs are controlled and standards of work safeguarded.
For more information about our services, please email or phone 01480 409 512.

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